Peace is Power Candle



Peace is Power Candle

The Peace is Power Candle was made to uplift you by opening up opportunities for more peace, truth, and powerful manifesting joy. This candle was made with  personal joy in mind and the energy of the wish fulfillment of the 9 of Cups, Sun, and the High Priestess. This candle’s energy is strong as it is made with the power of neon light and cannabidiol Divine Feminine power. All of our Neon Energy line is intended to bring almost immediately change to a situation and bring it into homeostasis to your life just as the terpene Cannabidiol would to the body.

By law we are required to say that this product is sold as a Curios. This product is not to be ingested internally and by purchasing these products you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. In no way is this product meant to replace professional medical treatment or for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any type of disease. Exchanges or refunds are not permitted.

Additional information

Tea Light

Small but effective!


2 oz candle

Candle Tin


Glass Jar

Largest Size Reusable for your stash.


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